Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Destruction of Our Money

According to the Consumer Price Index, it takes $6000 of today's dollars to buy $1000 worth of goods at 1967 prices. That $4000 car in 1967 costs $24,000 today, and that $15,000 house is over $100,000 almost anywhere in the country. (Don't forget to add in thousands more for all the "safety and environmental" gadgets FedGov has forced the manufacturers and builders to add).

Inflation of the money supply is the only way the "something for nothing" scam they've been running for so long can appear to succeed for a while. Have you noticed that those expensive dollars you've been putting into their Social Security Ponzi Scheme all your working life are about to be paid back to you at a tiny fraction of their original purchasing power? When's the last time you saw a politician in an old car? How come they can afford to send their kids to private school and you can't?

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